Startup Weekend Reykjavík in two days


In only two days Startup Weekend will take place in Reykjavík for the forth time. We are getting super excited about the weekend and look forward to spend 54 hours sharing ideas, forming teams, building products and launching new Icelandic startups.

We are happy to introduce Maja Adriansen as our facilitator for the weekend, but she is flying in from Norway to be with us. Maja is an experienced lecturer, organizer and manager of Startup Weekend Norway and co-founder of Startup Norway. She will guide us through the weekend and help attendees build their startups.We also have eight fantastic mentors coming in on Saturday. These mentors are experienced business people and entrepreneurs who will do there best in providing feedback and help attendees execute their ideas over the weekend.

Here are six reasons why you should go ahead and buy your ticket today:

1. You will meet awesome people
At Startup Weekend you will meet entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers and startup enthusiasts.

2. You will learn a lot
Startup Weekend is all about learning through executing and creating.

3. You will get one-on-ones with mentors
We have eight fantastic mentors willing to share their experience and network.

4. Co-founder dating
Startup Weekend is one of the best place to find someone that you can actually launch a startup with.

5. Be inspired and motivated
Whether you need to get traction for an idea, are currently working in a dreadful 9 to 5 job, a creative mind looking for a refresh or an experienced entrepreneur who wants to test drive a new idea – Startup Weekend provides inspiration and motivation to move forward.

6. What else are you going to do….seriously?
Make your move, take advantage of this weekend and sign up for Startup Weekend Reykjavík. Register today at